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39 Hour Pre-Apprentice Course

Cosmetica Latina is a school authorized by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology to provide the 39 Hour Pre-Apprentice Course, which is a requirement to apply for an Apprentice License in the State of California, and teaches the necessary knowledge about Basic Sanitation, as well as Health and Safety Laws of California. 

We strictly follow State Regulations compliance, and our courses are imparted by expert teachers, adhering to our high quality guidelines.

You can take the 39 Hour Pre-Apprentice at one of our education centers.    

Education Centers Class Schedule:

  • Downey, First two weeks of the month, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Your steps to Success

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Step 1:  Take the 39 Hr. Course

Enroll in the 39 Hour Pre-Apprentice Course at Cosmetica Latina which allows you to learn about basic sanitation and health and safety laws of California.  This course is a State requirement for applying to an apprentice license. 

Step 2: SCCBEA

You, your trainer and your  employer must register with SCCBEA.

This allows you to participate in the  State of California Apprenticeship Program 

Step 3: Apply for a License

Upon completion of your 39Hr. Course, you can apply for your Apprentice License , and we help you all the way.

Step 4: Apprenticeship

When your license arrives, you can start your apprenticeship!  

3,200 Hours On the Job Training (OTJ),

240 Hours of Related Supplemental Instruction (RSI) with CCBUAC

You will need to keep a monthly training record, and comply with the mandatory documentation about salary and worker's compensation Insurance

Step 5: Program Completion

After successfuly completing the 3200 Hours of OJT and 240 Hours of RSI, you will be awarded a Completion Certificate, and you can apply for taking the State Examination with the BBC

Step 6: Congratulations!

* By passing your State Examination with the minimum requirements, the BBC will grant your professional license. Thank you for being part of Cosmetica and remember that studies in this beautiful industry always continue and count on the employers’ association and the Cosmetica Master Beauty Institute to continue acquiring more knowledge in the science and art of beauty and growing in the business areas, profession and personal. 



The table below refers only to the 39 Hour Pre-Apprentice Course Cost at Cosmetica Latina.  To complete the steps above, there are additional amounts required from other institutions  including SCCBEA, CCBUAC and BBC.  In addition there are strict requirements involving your trainer and employer. Please refer to the Apprenticeship page in this page's menu, in order to read about them.







TUITION               $ 2,250.00

REGISTRATION   $      75.00

MATERIALS          $    150.00




  1. The pre-apprenticeship course cost must be fully paid prior to apply for an Apprentice License

  2. The $75.00 registration fee is non-refundable. Once you start taking the course, Tuition and Materials are not refundable. 

  3. Your contractual obligation with Cosmetica Latina is not related to any third party commitments you may acquire. It is your sole responsibility to make sure all submitted requirements for your license application are met. If it is not approved, or if its cancelled, there is no obligation from the school other than guide you for a new application. 

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