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Program Information

We are approved by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology to provide the 39 Hours Pre-Apprenticeship course, for individuals interested in obtaining an Apprenticeship License, which allows the licensed to work on a beauty salon or barber shop and earn a salary. ​ Cosmética Latina offers practical and theory workshop to prepare future Barbers, Cosmetologist and Stylists to pass the state licensing exam.




All apprentices under the Cosmetica Cosmetology and Barbering Unilateral Committee must: ​

  • Be registered with SCCBEA.

  • Have a registered trainer.

  • Have a certified establishment to work in.

  • Have an active Apprentice license. ​

This allows the Apprentice to train at the establishment, and earn a salary with all the perks and benefits that the law allows.

Apprentices do not have a mandatory contribution in order to be part of SCCBEA.

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If you have an establishment that offers beauty services, you can become an Employer member, that allows having licensed apprentices working full time for you, paying them a salary or commission for up to 40 hours a week.  Apprentices have a license for two years from the issue date.

Annual employer contribution for SCCBEA Membership is $175

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Members under the trainer category, that have a professional Barber or Cosmetology license can train licensed apprentices in an establishment, sharing their talents and knowledge, and at the same time receive all the benefits of the apprenticeship program and SCCBEA.

Trainers do not have a mandatory contribution for SCCBEA membership.

  • What is the apprenticeship program?
    The apprenticeship program allows you to earn income while learning a trade.
  • How long does the apprenticeship program take?
    The apprenticeship program will take approximately 2 years to complete the required 3200 hours on the job training and 240 hours of related training at our school.

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